Track One

Ready for Business tracks 1 – 5 are personal coaching sessions by New York Times best-selling author Ron McMillan. Watch track one as Ron shares a story from his own personal life and how it directly relates to your experience with building your own story.

Track Two

Ready for Business track two offers additional detail and insights as it relates the questions you are being asked to answer below as you construct your own story. You will enjoy the learning experience that Ron provides.

Track Three

Ready for Business track three continues with Ron McMillan coaching on how to assemble the best story for helping you open doors. This is time well spent.

Track Four

Continue with track four as Ron shares the power of a well-told story with the impact that the Josie King story had on saving thousands of lives. You, too, are building a story that will open doors.

Track Five

It’s time to polish your story and set out to practice. Watch in track five as Ron finishes up with the example of a well-told weight loss story. You are now ready to set up a practice session or two with your upline team or accountability partner.